About CSO La Casika

Letter from La Casika C.S.O.A. -  Call for international support

The autonomous squatted social center LA CASIKA is an old and big house sited in the center of Mostoles, a town closed to Madrid (17 km). It was squatted by the MAF (Anti-Fascist Mostoles) the 5th December, 1997. There were two unsuccessful tries before for a social and public squatted space, Caminillo at 1992 and Huertax, 1994, and they were working just for a few months.

In the 70's, Mostoles was a village with 10.000 people, most of them peasants. At this decade came to outside Madrid thousands of people from the inside lands, and Mostoles became, in a few years, from 10.000 people to 150.000, more of them were no qualified workers. Actually, we are more than 200.000, with a very young population and a lot of immigrants. The local government is the right, and the mayor is the biggest problem for us. Mostoles is the biggest town in Madrid region (after Madrid city).

In these twelve years of history have been a lot of groups working from the social side, like feminist, antifascists, ecologist, youth or just neighbors, making of La Casika a very well known space. In fact, we can say that now it´s a reference for the squatter movement in Madrid: everybody knows, and everybody loves it.

Actually, still there´s no report against us, so by the spanish law it´s no possible to take us in eviction. But the mayor and the city council want us out, because 1. the squat is in the center of the city, and from the last years they are demolishing all the old houses for build new ones, more expensives, of course, and the plot of land in which La Casika is, now it could cost one million euro; and 2. the mayor and us are enemies, maybe we are one of the worst problems he has, so he´s trying to evict us, but if he does it in the legal way, it´s simply impossible, because there´s no report. Because of that, police is trying to fuck and kick us every time they can, and we are getting also a lot of penalties for everything, like go to the streets to inform the people about some social fights. We don´t care, we know our rights, and we know the mayor will fall and we will be working from La Casika. But if we are evicted, we also don´t care, squat is a tool, and we´ll keep still fighting for our owns lives and against capitalism.

Moxtoles 2009.